Michael James Anderson

Michael James Anderson

Tour Dates

PAST SHOWS-                                                                                                                                                   UPCOMING SHOWS-


10/10/15 The Clinic, Boone, NC

 10/9/15 Scrap Iron, Wilmington, NC

10/8/15 Fermental, Wilmington, NC

 10/6/15 Borjo, Norfolk, VA

10/4/15 The Depot, Baltimore, MD

10/2/15 The Cove, York, PA

7/29/15 Stella Blues, New Haven, CT

2/17/15 Café Nine, New Haven, CT                                                                                                 

10/12/14 Club K, Baltimore, MD                                                                                                         

10/10/14 The Cove, York, PA                                                                                                              

10/8/14 Borjo's, Norfolk, VA                                                                                                                

10/6/14 King Dusko, Charleston, SC                                                                                                 

10/5/14 Jack Rabbits, Jacksonville, FL                                                                                             

10/4/14 Display, Gainesville, FL                                                                                                          

10/2/14 The Bomb Shelter, Savannah, GA

8/1/14 The Bee's Knees, Morrisville, VT

7/31/14 Luthier's, East Hampton, MA

5/29/14 Grady Tavern, Manchester, CT

2/26/14 Nomad's, South Windsor, CT

1/30/14 Grady Tavern, Manchester, CT

12/20/13 Hartford Road Café, Manchester, CT

10/16/13 Momo's, Harrisburg, PA

10/15/13 Borjo, Norfolk, VA

10/14/13 Venue On 35th, Norfolk, VA

10/13/13 The Cave, Chapel Hill, NC

10/12/13 Longbranch Saloon, Knoxville, TN

10/11/13 Judges Vinegaroon, Nashville, TN

10/10/13 The Springwater, Nashville, TN

10/9/13 P & H Café, Memphis, TN

10/8/13 The Thompson House, Newport, KY

10/7/13 Club Café, Pittsburgh, PA

10/6/13 Legion Bar, Brooklyn, NY (night show)

10/6/13 Word Up Books, NYC, NY (day show)

10/5/13 WSC, Manchester, CT

10/4/13 Brooklyn Coffee & Tea House, Providence, RI

10/3/13 Lou's Café, Manville, RI

10/2/13 Slainte, Portland, ME

9/27/13 Grady Tavern, Manchester, CT

9/19/13 Arch Street Tavern, Hartford, CT

6/14/13 Grady Tavern, Manchester, CT (night show)

6/14 13 West End Farmers Market, Hartford, CT (day show)

6/8/13 Main Pub, Manchester, CT

6/7/13 MCC On Main, Manchester, CT (note-"Amend" Release Show")

6/6/13 88.1FM WESU Radio Interview/Live Performance, Middletown, CT

5/30/13 89.5FM WPKN Radio Interview/Live Performance, Bridgeport, CT

5/24/13 Grady Tavern, Manchester, CT

4/4/13 Hungry Tiger, Manchester, CT

3/15/13 Hartford Road Café, Manchester, CT

2/28/13 Café Nine, New Haven, CT

2/2/13 Grady Tavern, Manchester, CT

1/18/13 Anna Liffey's Upstairs, New Haven, CT

1/10/13 Two Boots, Bridgeport, CT

9/29/12 The Room, Brookfield, CT

9/12/12 Manchester Community College, Manchester, CT

7/14/12 Bailey Barn, Mansfield, CT

7/13/12 High Noon Saloon, Norwich, CT

7/8/12 Mansfield General Store, Mansfield, CT

6/21/12 Holy Frijoles, Baltimore, MD

6/21/12 Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center, Harrisburg, PA

6/20/12 Cowboy Café, Arlington, VA

6/2/12 The Room, Brookfield, CT

5/27/12 The Room, Brookfield, CT

5/19/12 Grady Tavern, Manchester, CT

5/19/12 91.7FM WHUS Tangled Roots Radio Interview and Live Performance, Mansfield, CT

5/18/12 Victoria Station, Putnam, CT

5/12/12 Olives, Nyack, NY

5/1/12 Manchester Community College, Manchester, CT (note-battle of the bands-wins)

4/29/12 Mansfield General Store, Mansfield, CT

4/28/12 The Outer Space, Hamden, CT

4/14/12 Main Pub Manchester, CT (note-"Left OF The Dial" Release Show)